• Handcrafted Aromatic Experience

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We look after our people. From our local supplier of incense sticks, to our artisans who make exceptional eco-friendly packaging, we engage in fair trade. When you shop here, you're putting food on someone's table one way or the other. For some of our people, a single sale means food for their family and we are happy to take our money where it matters the most. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US ACHIEVE THIS DREAM!


"#40 will have you smelling wealthy and elegant...I'm not a big fan of the opening on this one, I enjoy this scent better after letting it sit for a few minutes...It's unisex in my opinion and best suited for Fall and Winter. Performance on this is in beat mode territories, with projection of around 2-3 hours and longevity around 6 plus hours...two sprays is all you need and you're good!"

Ross (@peeples_fragrance_channel) from Canada

"#70 is sexy but in a sophisticated manner. It will definitely get you noticed but not for the wrong reasons. A definite Khumra to have and add to your daytime collection."

Hadiza from Nigeria

"I'm very particular about my turare (incense), but I decided to blind buy from you since you're a kanuri brand, and I don't regret it at all! The DHL Package alone smelled so delicious, when I opened it I was simply mesmerized!"

Ghaicha from Mauritius

"Am an incense lover and to tel you the truth, this is far the best I have come across. I guess your incense will take me places."

Salman from Nigeria

"The smell is really divine and very good quality."

Hana from UAE


Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state in North Eastern Nigeria is fondly called Yerwa by its locals. There's a huge sense of pride that can be seen immediately when a local says Yerwa. It is with this same pride I present my products to the world. On this journey of discovery, I aim to unlock many of Yerwa's secrets with you.

Authentically, Yerwa's.


Also known as Bakhoor or Incense, Yerwa Kaaji is quintessential for an incense collector or a beginner wanting to experience something unique . Each with its own unique blend of notes, offers the best sensory experience.